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If you are an online marketer, this quick read can change your online business forever!

I'll teach you what the most effective traffic sources are.
How to use those traffic sources to get extremely targeted traffic to your website.
How you can turn this traffic on right after you read this short letter.

From The Desk Of: Robert Dennis

In this short read, you will discover the #1 highest converting traffic source, that is the only traffic source:

That can be the most effective.
That is the most targeted.
That can drive quick surges of traffic to your website, offer, or affiliate page creating a sales frenzy in a matter of hours.

This traffic source is the least talked about but the most raved about by the FEW who know about it and understand how to use it.

Don't get me wrong; there are many ways of driving traffic online which are also effective however nowhere near as effective as the one I will talk to you about in this short report.

Allow me to briefly educate you on the few traffic sources that can be effective; then explain to you why the one source I truly love will soon be the answer to your financial freedom.

The top 4 traffic sources you should always pay attention to and utilize in your business are:

1. Pay Per Click (PPC) Traffic
2. Content Marketing
3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) [My least favorite but it works)
4. The fourth one is the SECRET WEAPON so this one will remain a mystery for now. (Doing this for your own good as it will help you understand the concept better as we get there)

Let's Start With Pay Per Click (PPC) Traffic

Effective but expensive and unless you have a big budget, you should not start with PPC traffic. With PPC, it's not about getting surges of traffic; rather it's about precisely picking your ideal prospect then convincing them to give you money. If you are looking for quick surges of traffic and creating a sales frenzy in your business; then PPC is just not going to do it for you.

And you definitely cannot operate a PPC campaign on a tiny budget when a CLICK these days costs about $2-$3. So if your small budget is $10 a day; this means you will get 3-5 clicks "visitors" a day to your website.. And with numbers like this; you can't measure your results quickly. This will take weeks until you collect enough data.

Let's Have A Look


Effective but results are very SLOW!
Small amount of traffic but will convert well if you know your audience to the T.
I recommend starting out with BING ADS/Microsoft Advertising.


You Need a big budget.
You can't be afraid to spend money to split-test before making money
Vast PPC experience required.
You need to invest hundreds of hours to learn PPC.
You must have copywriting experience to write compelling ads that get clicked.

From my personal experience, I give this traffic source 1 star for beginners. My rating reflects the fact that PPC is instant traffic and you can control your daily budget

Content Marketing

This is the new form of traffic everyone is talking about. This traffic is effective but there is a long and precise process that must be followed in order for it to be a success for your business.

Content marketing is essentially text ads in the form of content recommendations on other blogs, and content sites. They look something like this:

I am sure you have seen these all over the web. They usually appear on content sites like celebrity gossip news right next to the recent Kim Kardashian propaganda or whatever gossip stories the media is trying to keep you busy with 🙂

Now let's be honest; how often do you click on these ads ? Probably never, and the times that you do, you're never in the state of mind to want to pull out your credit card and pay for something. Am I right ?

However Content marketing can still be effective if you love writing. I mean writing many blog posts, articles, and engaging with people about a product or service you love through your content. Then driving Content traffic to your articles, and blog posts to engage with people and try to get them interested. Then maybe in the near future down the road; this traffic will start to turn into sales for your business.

However it's a long and daunting process and much masterminding needs to go into it before it can be executed properly. And did I mention; you also need a big budget for this as well. Spending few dollars a day won't work. You need thousands of dollars to get some decent traffic so that you can measure your results accurately.

Content Marketing PROS

Cheaper than PPC.
Traffic is somewhat instant.
Can be effective if done right.

Content Marketing CONS

You must be writing and publishing content non-stop
You need a big budget.
You need to wait a long time until your audience are engaged before you can start seeing results ($$$).

From my personal experience, I give this traffic source 2 stars for beginners. The reason is because you need to publish content all the time and you need a big budget. Beginners cannot do this

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you have all the time in the world to waste on following Google's constant, never-ending algorithm changes, and if you're OK with constantly tweaking and changing your business and website to match Google's terms; then go for it.

Maybe you will rank or Maybe not and "MAYBE" is in fact the logical term to use. Because the majority of website owners do everything right in terms of SEO, everything by the book; however, they still don't get ranked.

And those that do, they're first page rankings are only as good as the next Google algorithm change before their website is buried on Google's 100th page once again.

At this point you would have to rinse and repeat the SEO process again and fix up every NEW mistake on your site to comply with the new algorithm; and "MAYBE " get ranked once again. So on and so forth.

In my opinion, I do not consider SEO to be a FREE traffic source as most like to call it. Because the valuable time spent and wasted on SEO is not "time well spent" especially when getting ranked is NEVER A SURE THING.

You want to spend your time running your business and making money; not waste it on time consuming nonsense like programming and coding only to satisfy the GIANT "Google" who at the end don't really care about you, your business, or your success.


Free traffic (if you want to call it that).


Time consuming.
Getting ranked is not a sure thing no matter what.
Relying on search engine's good graces to get traffic.
Not sustainable.
Not reliable.
NEVER scalable - the traffic you get is limited by the keyword search volume that you're ranked for.
Your business model (website) keeps changing to satisfy a big company that does not really care about the success, vision, and direction of your business.

From my personal experience, I give this traffic source half a star for effort. It is extremely diffcult, close to impossible to build a business that relies on SEO unless you're willing to have a team of content creators that will produce content for you moving forward

Now To The #1 Secret Traffic Source Marketers Use To See Instant Surges Of Traffic And Sales In Their Business.

This Traffic Source Can Take Any Business From Zero To Hero In Record Time!

It's SOLO ADS TRAFFICMaybe you've heard of it maybe not, or maybe it never worked for you before; however it's the most powerful traffic source I have ever seen and used online that gets instant results if you know how to get it the right way. And I will show you how in this report!

To simplify; Let me give you a scenario to better explain:

So you know how big online marketers get so much traffic when going through a new product they are launching to their marketplace? Well they get it through joint venturing with other big marketers. The reason why they joint venture is because each one of those online marketers have a huge list of subscribers that they can market the product launch to. I am talking lists of 10,000, 50,000, 100,000, even a million or more subscribers.

So imagine, they send out one email to let's say 100,000 subscribers about an offer. How much traffic you think you're going to get ? Hoards of it and best part is; this traffic will all come to you instantly because the email is being sent out to 100,000 subscribers all at the same time. Tell me what other traffic source can get you this much traffic in record time ?? NONE!!

The most amazing part about this traffic source is:

  1. It's Extremely targeted because the email going out is usually to a list of subscribers who are in the same niche and are interested in similar products and services you could be offering. So it's a perfect match

  2. It's Extremely inexpensive. Getting someone to send an email for you to their list of 100,000 subscribers could cost you a few hundred dollars which is literally pennies per click. Now compare that to PPC traffic at $2-$3 per click... If you were to get let's say PPC traffic from Google at $2 per click, this would mean you're spending $200,000 if you want to be exposed to 100,000 people.

Now what would you rather pay; few hundred dollars, or $200,000 ?? I think you know the answer to this one 😉

  1. It Builds you a huge list really fast. With this kind of traffic volume and speed, you can build a list of thousands in a matter of days if you really wanted to. it's really that simple.

So to put it simply; solo ad traffic is you paying someone with an email list targeted to your niche, and they in turn send out an email to their subscribers about your offer for a reasonable fee depending on the amount of traffic you want. It's that simple!

Now Beware; Solo Ad Traffic Is POWERFUL but don't get SCAMMED!!

Top questions you must ask any solo ad provider before purchasing Solo Ad traffic from them

Question #1: What sources of traffic are used to build their list?

A: This matters a lot because the source of traffic used; can make your solo ad campaign a success or a total failure. Usually you want to get Solo traffic from someone who built their list using social media, places like warrior forum, PPC traffic, content marketing traffic, and SEO.

AVOID Solo providers who built their list using mobile traffic. Usually solo providers use mobile traffic to build huge lists fast so they can then turn around and sell you large traffic packages for an arm and a leg.

They do this because mobile traffic is cheap to get however from my experience, it has been the least effective traffic I ever used.. YES you get a ton of traffic and many leads; but they never convert into a sale for your business. Very rarely do they ever. So you will just end up with a big list and no customers. My advice is for you to avoid Solo ad providers that built their lists using MOBILE traffic.

Question #2: Geographic location of their list?

A: This is a biggie. Let's be blunt. Traffic from India, China, Russia, and those kinds of countries are not going to buy what you are selling. You might get a huge amount of traffic, and hundreds or thousands of leads if your FREE offer on your squeeze page is worth it; but when it comes down to it, they will never end up buying what you're selling. Maybe 1% or less will, not more!

It's simple math; people from those countries don't have money to buy what you are selling. Always remember, countries with the buying power are: USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, and some parts of Sweden. They call these countries


Which is what you should always go for. So unless your traffic is coming from those places there is no point to even bother getting it.

Question #3: Does the solo ad seller provide a tracker to track your traffic?

A: See the only way to find out if you are getting good quality traffic; is if you can track the traffic that the provider is sending to your web page. And only legitimate, trustworthy Solo Ad providers actually provide you with a tracker. Of course there's always an exception to the rule.

Question #4: Is the traffic you get bot-free?

A: This is so sad however it's a struggle with every traffic source out there, not just solo ads. Some shady traffic providers regardless of the type of traffic; they use online bots to emulate a visitor coming to your website however it is not a real human visitor; it's just a robot. You need to be really careful of this and the only way to track it and find out, is if the Solo ad provider provides you with a tracker as explained in Question #3.

So to recap; the 4 questions you must ask every solo ad provider before purchasing solo ad traffic from them are:

Question #1:  What sources of traffic are used to build their list?

Question #2: Geographic location of the list (or point of origin)?

Question #3: Is a tracker provided with the purchased package?

Question #4: Is the traffic bot-free?

These questions will determine your quality of traffic, and the sales you will generate as a result of the quality of traffic.

One thing to keep in mind though is that no solo ad provider, not even the best one out there can guarantee you sales, and it's pretty much common sense if you think about it.

They can and should promise you clean, quality targeted traffic. This goes without saying. But there is no way they can guarantee you sales or leads as this part of the equation solely depends on your offer, and how good it is.

One tip though; with any form of traffic especially solo ad traffic. You always want to drive traffic to a squeeze page to collect a name and email or at least an email. If you do this; your results of getting a potential sale are 40% higher. So never send traffic directly to a sales page.

I believe any business should drive traffic to an optin page first before presenting any offer to their potential customer.

So to conclude; Solo ad traffic is the way to go for any business.


Are You Ready To Get A Surge Of Clean, Tier 1, Bot-FREE TRAFFIC Rushing To Your Website And Taking Your Offer/Website/Squeeze Page From Zero To Hero?

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